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ICT of Bangladesh convictee, Kamaruzzaman, hanged despite tension over execution: On Saturday, 11 April 2015, authorities in Bangladesh executed senior Islamist politician Muhammad Kamaruzzaman who had been found guilty of crimes against humanity by the ICT of Bangladesh in May 2013.  Kamaruzzaman’s conviction by the Tribunal stemmed from crimes committed during Bangladesh’s 1971 independence war and while the senior politician headed a militia group responsible for the massacre of some 120 unarmed farmers.  The United States had urged the country not to carry out the execution, especially since a December 2013 execution for similar crimes by authorities in Bangladesh sparked violence and tension.  A statement issued before the execution by a U.S. State Department spokesperson said “Until these [domestic and international] obligations can be consistently met, it is best not to proceed with executions given the irreversibility of a sentence of death.” (For additional information on this topic, please click here, here and here) (Wall Street Journal, Fox News, The Guardian, Indian Express).

Amnesty calls for immediate investigations into crimes in Ukraine: Amnesty International has urged for a prompt, thorough and impartial investigation into crimes, including executions, committed against captive Ukrainian soldiers by Russian-backed forces in east Ukraine.  Amnesty’s demand follows the release of video and testimonial evidence that a Ukrainian soldier was taken captive, interrogated and executed.  Amnesty Europe and Central Asia Deputy Director Denis Krivosheev stated “The new evidence of these summary killings confirms what we have suspected for a long time.  The question now is: what are the separatist leaders going to do about it?” (Ukraine Today).

ICTY Secretariat ordered to collect latest health information of Seselj: The ICTY has ordered the ICTY Secretariat to contact Vojislav Seselj’s medical team about the health condition of the former Serbian leader.  Seselj was granted provisional release in November 2014 to seek medical care in Serbia under the condition he not interfere with victims or witnesses and return to the Tribunal if summoned.  On 30 March 2015, the ICTY appeals judges found that Seselj breached the terms of his release and ordered his immediate return to The Hague.  (InSerbia).

Defence witness for Mladic testifies into investigations into Srebrenica: A former military policeman for the Bosnian Serb army testified in the ICTY trial of Ratko Mladic that he was never requested to investigate rumors of mass executions of Muslim prisoners during the 1995 Srebrenica massacre. The defence witness, Nebojsa Jeremic, stated that his duties were to investigate, take statements and write orders regarding soldiers’ misconduct but denied knowing about prior to or having any involvement in the executions.  Mladic faces charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.  (IWPR).

HRW calls Egypt sentencing of Muslim Brotherhood members politically motivated: Human Rights Watch is calling the death sentence by an Egyptian court of 14 senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood “politically motivated” and “blatantly unjust”.  The 14 members were convicted for protesting the removal of the democratically elected then President Mohamed Morsi by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in 2013.  Security forces killed hundreds during the protests and have claimed that armed members within the Muslim Brotherhood started the violence.  (Al Arabiya News).

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ICT of Bangladesh accused Kamaruzzaman considering Presidential Pardon: The ICT of Bangladesh is considering a pardon for convicted war criminal Kamaruzzaman after the EU requested it to abolish its use of a death sentence. As it stands, the convict will have to admit his guilt if he wants to be considered for a presidential pardon. It has yet to be established whether or not Kamaruzzaman will seek this course action, but more information should come to light once he meets with his counsel. (For additional information on this topic, please click here.)

U.S. deports former El Salvador Defense Minister accused of torture, killings: Former Salvadorian military leader, Gen. Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova, was deported by the US after being detained by immigration authorities since March 25. The Board of Immigration Appeals, found that Gen. Vides had participated in the torture and killings of civilians by virtue of his command responsibility while serving as a military officer in El Salvador.

Amnesty urges investigations in E. Ukraine citing “summary killings,” war crimes: A war crimes investigation has been requested by Amnesty after evidence of summary executions surfaced. Amnesty has declared that the killings are tantamount to war crimes and should be prosecuted as such if investigations confirm the allegations. (For additional information on this topic, please click here.)

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Kamaruzzaman death sentence upholds at ICT of Bangladesh: ICT of Bangladesh upheld the death sentence of Muhammad Kamaruzzaman, a leader in the Jamaat-e-Islami party. This was Kamaruzzaman’s last appeal in his sentence for committing crimes against humanity in the 1971 war of independence. Kamaruzzaman can seek presidential clemency, but if rejected, his execution will occur soon after. (The Hindu, Fox News) (for additional information please click here)

Palestine seeks to accelerate filing of Complaint: According to Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki, the Palestinian Authority leadership is trying to accelerate the filing of a complaint against Israel at the International Criminal Court. The ICC is looking into events that occurred in the Gaza Strip as of June 13, 2014. Palestine alleges that Israel committed war crimes during the conflict. (The Jerusalem Post)

Body of Ugandan ICC suspect identified: A body last month has been identified as the No. 2 commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), Okot Odhiambo. The LRA committed atrocities in Uganda surrounding parts of central Africa. Okot Odhiambo is one of five leaders of the LRA that has been wanted by the ICC for the past decade. Forensic experts are still waiting on DNA results to confirm that the body is indeed of Okot Odhiambo. (The New York Times)

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UN Special Rapporteur for HR in Palestine suggests Israel violations: A report prepared by United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Makarim Wibisono, suggests Israeli violations in Gaza in 2014. Wibisono stated at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva that the civilian deaths in Gaza casts doubt upon Israel’s dedication to international humanitarian law. (BBC)

HRW urges Cambodia to act on charges issued against Khmer Rouge by Int’l judge: Judge Mark Harmon, co-investigating judge of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, charged two former leaders of the Khmer Rouge, Im Chem and Meas Muth, with crimes against humanity and war crimes on 3 March 2015. Harmon did not forward these charges to Cambodian police due to their lack of cooperation. Human Rights Watch urges the Cambodian government to act on these criminal charges. Brad Adams, Asia director of Human Rights Watch, stated that if the government fails to act, the United Nations should end its participation and funds should be cut off from the tribunal. (Human Rights Watch, Jurist) (for additional information please click here)

ICT Bangladesh investigators find evidence of war crimes against 8 suspects: Evidence has been found against 8 suspects of Jamalpur for crimes against humanity and war crimes during the 1971 Liberation War. ICT Bangladesh investigators will submit their report to the prosecution soon. (The Daily Star)

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ICC Appeals Chamber issues arrest warrant for suspect Banda: Judge Sang-Hyun Song recently clarified the court’s position on whether the Trial Chamber should have provided Mr. Banda with a further opportunity to present submissions on the appropriateness of replacing the summons to appear with a warrant of arrest after being satisfied that Mr. Banda would not appear voluntarily for his trial. The Appeals Chamber confirmed the Trial Chamber’s decision to reject Banda’s appeal against the court’s decision replacing the summons to appear by a warrant of arrest.

 ICC Prosecutor concludes early phases of Colombia investigation: The Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC has finished its preliminary investigation into the reports of crimes allegedly committed by the Government of Colombia. The OTP reports that the Government of Colombia was cooperative and has reiterated its support for the ongoing efforts to bring an end to the armed conflict.

ECCC charges two in absentia for crimes against humanity and homicide: The Khmer Rouge tribunal has charged for Khmer Rouge navy chief Meas Muth and former district commander Im Chaem with homicide and and crimes against humanity. The charges must be accepted by the court’s senior judges before the two are indicted to face trial.

ICT Bangladesh accused appeals death penalty decision: The Bangladesh war crime tribunal found Jamaat leader Muhammad Kamaruzzaman guilty of collaborating with Pakistani forces and committing war crimes including mass killings. He has filed a review petition with the country’s apex court against its verdict that upheld his death penalty for war crimes in 1971. His counsel Shishir Munir filed the review petition on Thursday.

Serbia War Crimes Office charges five for 1993 Bosnia killings: Serbia’s war crimes prosecutors have charged five people with war crimes which allegedly occurred in 1993. The five suspects have been accused of abducting 20 people from a train in eastern Bosnia in 1993 and brutally killing them. The War Crimes Prosecutor’s office has said that the indictment presents the first step in reaching truth and justice for the victims and their families.

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24 February 2015 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS

Mrs. Gbagbo appears before national trial and denies wrongdoing: Simone Gbagbo presented evidence for the first time in her trial in Abidjan. Mrs. Gbagbo denies all wrongdoing in her alleged role in inciting post election violence in 2010. In December 2014, the ICC denied the Ivory Coast’s admissibility application to try Mrs. Gbagbo nationally and ordered the Ivory Coast to surrender her to the Hague. By starting Mrs. Gbagbo’s trial, the Ivory Coast is proceeding in violation of the ICC’s decision. Mrs. Gbagbo’s husband, former President Laurent Gbagbo, is currently being tried at the ICC. (BBC, France24, ICC-CPI) (for additional information please click here and here)

ICC Prosecution to call final witness in Ruto / Sang case on 23 March: The 30th and last witness in the case against former Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua arap Sang will testify on 23 March 2015. The ICC Public Affairs Unit stated that witness P0727 has been unwilling to testify and has put conditions upon testifying. The witness did not appear to testify on 2 February 2015, but will now testify by video from a secret location on 23 March. (CaptialFM)

At-large former lawmaker sentenced to life imprisonment by ICT Bangladesh: The International Criminal Tribunal of Bangladesh sentenced former lawmaker, Abdul Jabbar, to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity. The crimes against humanity were committed during the 1971independence war against Pakistan and include counts of genocide and religious persecution of the country’s Hindi minority. The court stated that Jabbar would get some leniency in mere imprisonment due to old age. Jabbar is still at-large and is thought to be in the United States. (The Economic Times, The Sun Daily) (for additional information please click here)

UNAMI and OHCHR report says HR violations in Iraq increasingly sectarian: A report produced by the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights highlights the increase of human rights violations in Iraq. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have intentionally targeted members of Iraq’s different ethnic communities. The report covers a three month period from11 September to 10 December 2014. The report claims that many of the acts committed could constitute as war crimes, crimes against humanity, and possibly genocide. (United Nations)

US federal court orders 218 million USD award against Palestinian Authority: A United States jury found in favor of ten American families for six attacks credited to the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Hamas over a decade ago. The Manhattan based court ordered the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority to pay 218 million USD. The United States Anti-Terrorist Act allows citizens harmed by terrorist acts to sue for damages in federal courts. Both groups stated that they would appeal the ruling. The Palestinian Authority signed the Rome Statute and submitted an Article 12(3) declaration in January 2015 in order to accept the ICC jurisdiction. (France24)

Amnesty highlights evidence of war crimes for Egyptian airstrikes in Libya: Amnesty International stated that violence in Libya is escalating and that civilians are feeling the impact of the attack. Amnesty claims that the Egyptian Air Force did not take the necessary precautions in their air strike over Libya to prevent civilian deaths. Amnesty has many eyewitness accounts that highlight the damage done over civilian populated areas in Libya. (Amnesty International)

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19 February 2015 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS

ICT Bangladesh sentences former Jamaat leader to death:  Abdus Subhan is now the ninth leader from the Jamaat-e-Islami party to be convicted by the tribunal for war crimes.  Subhan has been sentenced to death for the killing of 400 villagers in Northern Bangladesh during the 1971 Bangladesh war for independence.

Amnesty concerned about ongoing abuse in Ukraine: Evidence has surfaced showing pro-Russian separatists allegedly subjecting detained Ukrainian soldiers to various kinds of abuse.  Such abuse would be considered a war crime.  Amnesty International is in the process of documenting additional accounts of misconduct by both sides of the conflict and urges both parties to treat detainees humanely.

France to re-examine case of former Argentine officer accused of war crimes:  Mario Sandoval is an Argentinian ex-police officer accused of committing crimes against humanity during the country’s “dirty war.”  Argentina has been asking for his extradition since 2012.  France’s highest court struck down a decision to pursue the extradition, however, Argentinian officials are hopeful the extradition may still occur.


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